The Original and still the best flexible pipe couplings…

Anode Engineering provides world-class products and engineering services to oil and gas, water, petrochemical, mining and marine engineers and contractors. Among this vast array of offerings are Dresser couplings – the original and best compression type pipe joining device. Back in 1880, Solomon Robert Dresser patented a flexible pipe coupling using a compressed rubber gasket […]

Anode squeals about Apache pigs

Anode Engineering are corrosion control engineering design experts offering the highest quality international corrosion-related brands and products for pipeline applications across Australia and New Zealand. For more, the word pig conjures up images of the farmyard variety and perhaps the smell of bacon on a Sunday morning breakfast! In pipelining the word PIG is an […]

An Evolution from Isolation

Flange isolation gaskets have developed and evolved into a modern-day product — the GPT EVOLUTION®. Our Principal Engineer Isaac Isakovich says these are the toughest, most reliable isolation gaskets sold and supported in Australia and New Zealand. From the outside, flange gasket technology may look like a simple proposition – bolting two flange faces together […]

GreenAmp Pipeline Remote Monitoring- Sleep well knowing that your asset is protected!

When it comes to cathodic protection of critical pipeline infrastructure, information is the key. Traditional “once a year” test point surveys involve driving vast distances in harsh terrain, delays from extreme weather events, dealing with uncooperative land holders and even the odd angry wildlife from time to time! Often weeks of hard, dangerous work that, […]

GreenAmp Pipeline Remote Monitoring now with Exciting New Features!!

The engineering team at Anode Engineering have been busy adding in some great new functionality into the GreenAmp pipeline remote monitoring system. The new GreenAmp™ 4 plus unit adds the ability to measure four different inputs so now it’s not only pipe potential (Cathodic Protection level) that can be measured by the units. It now […]

GreenAmp Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems – A replacement for Sacrificial Anodes

GreenAmp ICCP systems for Marine applications are the technology that replaces sacrificial anode systems on boats. Especially for Aluminium alloy and steel hulled boats, The GreenAmp ICCP is an auto-controlled DC powered system that provides the DC current (Amps) that were previously delivered from the galvanic reaction between the sacrificial anode and your hull. Benefits […]

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors STOP CORROSION in Marine Environments

Technology keeps moving forward and we all struggle to keep up with it all. However, Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors are a technology that all marine participants should get excited about. How Does a VpCI Work – In simple terms, VpCI’s are products that simply transform from a solid state (powders) directly to a gaseous inhibitor VAPOR. […]

How GreenAmp Monitoring Systems can work for you

GreenAmp CPMS systems were developed to provide an economical means of monitoring the level of cathodic protection that is maintained on pleasure and work boats that in many instances spend most of their life at a mooring. They are often left unattended for months at a time during which periods, if a corrosion problem arises, […]

Why invest in a Fail Safe Dairyland Galvanic Isolator

Dairyland Ship Mounted GI’s Dairyland Galvanic Isolators are one of the few internationally certified devices approved by the ABYC international certification body for small and medium sized marine craft. A Galvanic Isolator is a device fitted between the shore power and your vessels AC input supply point. When your vessel is connected to shore based […]

Anode Engineering’s marine Corrosion Investigation Services

Anode Engineering’s technical team have been providing corrosion management services to the marine industry since 1970. Our team can conduct educational seminars for our business or group of businesses so as to make our team better informed and better prepared to make basic investigations. Alternatively, our team of corrosion engineers and technicians can visit your […]