An Evolution from Isolation

Flange isolation gaskets have developed and evolved into a modern-day product — the GPT EVOLUTION®. Our Principal Engineer Isaac Isakovich says these are the toughest, most reliable isolation gaskets sold and supported in Australia and New Zealand.

From the outside, flange gasket technology may look like a simple proposition – bolting two flange faces together with a gasket in between to create a seal.

However, there are several considerations influencing gasket kit selection such as the product in the pipeline, temperature ranges with exposure to fire, unwanted corrosive chemicals that can be present and the need for electrical isolation between flanges to ensure cathodic protection integrity is maintained.

“When considering these factors, glass reinforced epoxy gaskets were a significant leap from the original nitrile phenolic gaskets. However, they still degrade over time and become vulnerable to delamination from chemical attack, temperature or fire extremes, loss of electrical isolation or worst-case failure of their sealing capabilities,” Isaac says.


The flange isolation gasket has now evolved to the “toughest, most reliable isolation gaskets”, being the GPT EVOLUTION Isolation Gasket. At only 3 mm thick, the GPT EVOLUTION Isolation Gasket allows for easier installation with its unique handling that provides easy alignment.

The new fully encapsulated isolation gasket delivers impermeable performance needed to prepare any flange for the increasing risks found in today’s oil and gas industry. After extensive testing, the GPT EVOLUTION Isolation Gasket has passed the API 6FB, 3rd Edition Fire Test in multiple sizes and pressure classes to ensure it is up to facing the changing conditions of the industry, which include drilling deeper and employing enhanced recovery methods such as thermal and CO2 injection.

Its 316 L stainless steel core is also completely coated in a proprietary abrasion and impact resistant material, offering additional resistance to steam, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other aggressive chemicals found in oil and gas pipelines.

The Evolution gasket also has the highest-pressure rating of any isolation gasket on the market, now rated up to 15000 PSI and temperatures rated from 260 to -150 Celsius! Evolution gaskets are not laminated so stand up to extreme conditions without risk of delamination.

“It’s worth noting the availability of high temperature mica sleeves and washers which may be required for high temperature applications,” says Mr. Isakovich.

“The Inconel 718 C-Ring pressure energised seals coupled with PTFE internal diameter (ID) seal that matches the pipe bore when in compression also provide better flow and less turbulence in the line.”

The innovative GPT EVOLUTION Isolation Gasket is sold and supported here in Australia by Anode Engineering and in New Zealand by its subsidiary Lordco.

Interested customers can talk the corrosion experts at Anode Engineering to discuss any flange isolation kit requirements.


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