GreenAmp Pipeline Remote Monitoring now with Exciting New Features!!

The engineering team at Anode Engineering have been busy adding in some great new functionality into the GreenAmp pipeline remote monitoring system.

The new GreenAmp™ 4 plus unit adds the ability to measure four different inputs so now it’s not only pipe potential (Cathodic Protection level) that can be measured by the units. It now measures the output voltage on the Cathodic Protection Unit (CPU) as well as the current demand (amps) of the output. The fourth channel may be used to monitor other inputs such as a foreign structure or other configurable input.

The GreenAmp™ 4 plus unit also features a contactor output allowing the unit to synchronously switch the CPU output which is useful for generating “instant off” potential readings, which are considered a much better indication of the level of pipe polarisation (the pipes protection level). When performing an instant off reading the units automatically switch to a high-resolution data logging mode taking readings at half second intervals to ensure an accurate instant off potential reading is recorded.

There have also been some exciting developments in the technologies that the GreenAmp™ can use to communicate data to the cloud/ portal. With recently successful trials using the Sigfox protocol to send data from a GreenAmp™ unit to the secure online portal. Sigfox is a low power, internet of things transmission technology that is rapidly expanding. The idea is that anyone can install a Sigfox base station in a location and connect it to the internet. Once a base station is in place any Sigfox devices within range can connect and send messages through that connection, it can’t be limited to one network of devices but is open to all Sigfox devices that are in range, so as more and more base stations are rolled out there is more and more coverage for all devices.

The team are also currently testing compatibility with a new low earth orbit nano-satellite technology to provide GreenAmp™ remote monitoring coverage in really remote areas of Australia and the world. This kind of monitoring has been traditionally expensive and power hungry. Whereas this new technology is proving to be inexpensive and extremely power efficient which is ideal when we are dealing with outback locations without any cellular coverage or even available power sources.

Stuart Burns the General Manager of Anode Engineering comments “We are extremely pleased with the testing and development that our GreenAmp™ engineering team is undertaking. The speed at which new functionality is being added to the product range is amazing. Soon there won’t be anywhere that we can’t monitor for a very reasonable capital outlay with both low power requirements and low ongoing costs.”

For more information about our GreenAmp remote monitoring systems contact us at Anode Engineering.

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