Complaints Policy

1. Commitment to good complaints handling
Anode Engineering is committed to handling all forms of complaint quickly, efficiently, fairly and in a manner that reflects positively on our reputation as a customer friendly business partner.

2. Scope of Policy
This Policy is intended to apply to any complaint, regardless of who makes it.
We regard a complaint as any expression of dissatisfaction about our organisation, our staff, our partners, our contracted service providers or anyone else acting on our behalf.
A complaint may be made by a person to whom we deliver goods or services or who is affected by our services, a partner, a local organisation with which we work, our staff, or a member of the public.

3. Publicising this Policy

This policy will be made available on the company website and mailed or emailed to any party on request

4. How complaints may be made

Complaints may be made by mail, email, telephone or verbally.

5. How we will handle simple complaints

Complaints will be acknowledged and logged as a Non Conformance Report in the company’s system. The relevant head of Department will review the complaint, gather any relevant information and resolve the matter with the complainant. The Management Representative may be consulted.
If, after careful examination the complaint cannot be upheld the complainant will be given detailed reasons for this decision and an opportunity to discuss the finding.

6. How we will handle complex complaints

Complex complaints will acknowledged and logged then escalated to the Managing Director who will decide on the appropriate course of action. This may include disciplinary action, revision of procedures and policies or notification to a relevant authority.

7. Responding to and closing a complaint
Responses to complaints will be given in writing. If upheld they will include the proposed course of action.
Heads of Department can approve responses such as repair or replacement. The General Manager or Managing Director must be consulted for all non-warranty remedial offers over $500.00
Complainants will always be given the opportunity to contest or comment on the proposed resolution. If necessary the complaint will be taken back to the Managing Director for further consideration.
When a complaint has been dealt with the QA department will conduct a brief feedback exercise with the complainant to assess the quality and efficacy of the response.

8. Our timeframes
Complaints must be acknowledged immediately – no later than next working day.
If there is an unavoidable delay in implementing the corrective action the timing must be clearly advised to the complainant. For example: lead time for replacement goods.

9. Confidentiality
Anode Engineering will not reveal complainant’s name or personal details to anyone outside of
the organisation without the complainant’s permission. This may be essential in the case of warranty claims on suppliers.

10. Recording complaint data
All complaints, even potential complaints must be recorded in the NCR log as either ‘Customer Complaint – Product’ or ‘Customer Complaint – Service’.

11. Reporting about complaints
All customer complaints are to be reported as part of the quarterly Management Review NCR report

12. Continuous improvement
The NCR process will automatically require Corrective and Preventive Actions to be considered, including improvements to systems or products.

13. References
Based on Australian Standard: Customer satisfaction – Guidelines for complaints handling in organisations (IS0 10002:2004). Not a controlled standard.