Anode Engineering are the experts when it comes to corrosion control engineering design that is complimented by our own range of corrosion related product and materials for the Cathodic Protection industry with offices in Australia, our subsidiary Lordco in New Zealand and a number of regional partners in South-East Asia.


The Anode Engineering team provide the full suite of Cathodic Protection (CP) services including new anode system design, maintenance of existing systems, commissioning and annual corrosion surveys. We have a dedicated team of in-field engineers skilled in techniques such as Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) and Close Interval Potential Surveys (CIPS), regularly preparing statutory CP reports for many of the major pipeline asset owners in the region. View the list of services here


Our product range features the finest international corrosion related brands and our engineers use these products in their day-to-day operations, giving us intimate knowledge of each item we represent. Brands include: GPT flange isolation kits, Apache Pigs & Pigging equipment, Metal Samples Corrosion Probes & Meters, Electro-Stop and ElectroSeal monolithic isolation joints, Dresser pipe couplings, Loresco earthing backfill, RetroWrap Marine Pile Wraps and ThermOweld exothermic welding.

For many years we have manufactured our own Anode Engineering weatherproof CP test point boxes with upstands and our own range of permanent and portable reference electrodes (aka reference cells) including Copper/ Copper Sulphate (for use in soil) and Silver/Silver Chloride (concrete & seawater).

Our latest product is the Anode Engineering GreenAmp Remote Monitoring Unit which promises to transform the collection of corrosion data from a completely manual process to an automated internet-based system, providing much greater oversight of any asset including tanks, pipelines, marine structures and reservoirs.

Please contact us to learn more of the services and products that we offer, we are here to help!

With over 45 years experience the Anode Engineering team has the know how and solution.