Environmental Policy

It is Anode Engineering’s policy to achieve high standards of environmental care in conducting its business as a resources and industrial services company contributing to society’s material needs. Anode Engineering’s approach to environmental management seeks continuous improvement in performance and prevention of pollution by taking account of evolving scientific knowledge and community expectations.

To achieve this Anode Engineering will:-

  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards; uphold the spirit of the law; and where laws do not adequately protect the environment, apply standards that minimise any adverse environmental impacts resulting from its operations, products or services;
  • Communicate openly with government and the community on environmental issues, and contribute to the development of policies, legislation and regulations that may affect Anode Engineering;
  • Establish Objectives and targets and review and report the progress achieved.
  • Ensure that the policy is documented to its employees, suppliers of goods and services and the public;
  • Ensure that it has management systems to identify, control and monitor environmental risks arising from its operations;
  • Conduct investigations and establish programs to conserve resources, minimise wastes, improve processes and protect the environment.

This policy commits Anode Engineering to environmental programs as an integral part of its total management philosophy.

Wayne Burns
Managing Director &
Technical Director

Stuart Burns
General Manager &
Safety Management Representative
June 2020 

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