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Style 38 Coupling

Bolted coupings for steel to steel or cast/ductile to cast/ductile

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100Amp Quasar

100Amp GPS synchronised current interrupter

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Link Seals

Modular seals for wall penetrations

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Allegro Field Data PC™

The  Allegro MX Field Data PC  is a versatile field computer created  specifically to meet the demands of the...

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Retrowrap Standard STD19

Retrowrap is an easily installed solution for protection your offshore and inshore structures from corrsion - concrete, timber and steel.

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VCS/VCFS Insulating Gaskets

The VCS/VCFS gasket uses proprietary materials to address the regulations associated with fugitive emissions, requirements that are closely...

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APS Holiday Detector

The APS Holiday Detector is the most complete hand-held portable holiday detecting unit on the market

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Anti-corrosion pipe-support assembly for I-beam supports

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Ranger II Casing Spacers

The Ranger II is an all non-metallic casing isolator/spacer system that uses molded segments to encircle the carrier pipe

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Copperhead Permanent Cu/CuSO4 Reference Electrode

Anode Engineerings Copperhead permanent Copper/Copper Sulphate reference electrode

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Anode Description

Anode Engineering

Anode Engineering Pty Ltd is a specialist supplier to the energy and resources sectors in Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia. We provide world class products to engineers and contractors within the oil, gas, water, petrochemical, mining and marine industries. Anode Engineering prides itself on providing complete supply management solutions for its clients. Our long standing association with these industries has allowed us to become a market leader in providing cutting edge products and services technology for major projects.

With extensive experience in corrosion mitigation, our engineering group leads the industry in design, installation, commissioning and management of corrosion solutions. We continue to provide quality services to the region in line with national and international standards. Read more ...

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