• Vepac 12v In-Vehicle Battery Charger - BCV1236V


The Vepac series In-Vehicle Electrobraze Pin Brazing Battery Pack Charger is designed using Pro-Duty, transformer based technology. Based around a Toroidal Design giving low profile compact size and maximum durability, this charger is fully automatic and self test start up is included each time the charger is turned on. Highly accurate - Mains '0' crossing - voltage measurement is incorporated in the design.


  • Reduced output current.
  • Output connectors.
  • Set for sealed lead acid.
  • Input connector.
  • Electronically controlled.
  • Input voltage 11.8 - 16V DC.
  • Output voltage 36V.
  • Output current 2A 3-stage charging (Constant current, Constant voltage, Float).
  • Proportional timing control.
  • LED status indication.
  • Reverse polarity protection.
  • Compact metal housing.
  • Short circuit protection.
  • Auto start up and shut down.


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Vepac 12v In-Vehicle Battery Charger - BCV1236V

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