The basic 2 cup and 3 cup UC pigs are generally used for batching of dissimilar fluids. The 4 cup version UC pigs provide positive seal between dissimilar fluids and are typically used for longer distance operations and for light cleaning of pipelines. Cups can be changed or adapted to different configurations as the application dictates.

The 2 cup design UC pigs can traverse 1.5D bends. The 3 cup design of this pig provides a positive seal between fluid interfaces while the 4 cup design is widely used for light cleaning of pipelines or batching/separation operations. The unique design of the Apache cup provides both the cleaning advantages of a scraper cup and the flexibility of a conical cup.

All 16 inch - 48 inch UC pig mandrels have multiple by-pass holes designed to control the pigs speed or as jet ports to keep debris suspended in front of the pig. Plugs are used to easily regulate the by-pass volume. UC pigs are equipped with durable polyurethane Apache cups. The large wear surface of the cup promotes longer life while the product pressure keeps the cutting edge firm against the pipe wall.
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