• Timberwrap


A pile protection wrap system designed for timber piles.

Never before has public awareness become so focused on the integrity of marine piles supporting major structures. Up and down the east and west coast of the United States, timber supported structures are being damaged by marine borer activity. In the past, it was thought that the answer was to simply wrap and nail plastic sheeting around piles which could then be forgotten. In recent years, facts are emerging that to insure the cessation of marine borer activity, there must be at least a 70 percent reduction in the dissolved oxygen levels between surrounding seawater and the pile surface. Subsequent inspection of the wrapped piles revealed that many of the early simple designs or badly installed wraps simply do not work and provide little or no protection such that borers were still alive under the wraps and enjoying their sheltered habitat.

In response to this challenge, CCI has developed the Timberwrap , which is a highly elastomeric, easily installed, one-piece adjustable jacket which is stretched around the pile and secured via a full length closure flange closely following the irregular pile contours, which virtually eliminates entrapped water and prevents "water pumping action" under the wrap. Time release additives inside the jacket ensure the elimination of the borer activity, while remaining environmentally friendly to both the installers and the surrounding marine life. Timberwraps unique closure system also provides the facility for easy removal and replacement at intervals throughout the service life to facilitate pile surface inspection.


  • UV Stable, proven heavy-duty EPDM fabric.
  • Pre-installed stainless steel fasteners provide diver ability to install in zero visibility.
  • Changes biological conditions inside wrap to stop borer activities.
  • Secured by full-length closure flange.
  • Easy removal and replacement to facilitate pile inspection.
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