• Smart Test Station


The Smart Test Station™ is designed to be a comprehensive tool to facilitate cathodic protection monitoring. It is recommended that the foot of the station be buried in the same backfill as the structure. The CORROSOMETER® probe is electrically connected to the CP System and is cathodically protected. It is recommended that the pipe be filled with the backfill material during Smart Test Station™ installation. The Test Head and Foot are connected by a 3" inner diameter PE, PVC or polycarbonate pipe. Probe to soil measurements are taken with the reference cell placed inside the 3" diameter pipe to reduce IR drop errors. A permanent reference cell can be ordered as an option to minimize IR drop errors and eliminate the need for the tube.

With the use of any CORROSOMETER® instrument, the effectiveness of the CP system for the period between visits to the location can be easily monitored.

A switch located in the test head facilitates “instant off” measurements of the probe. The ring coupon can be cathodically protected and used as a secondary source for measurements. Or, it may be left unconnected for “native” corrosion potential measurements.

The station may be installed during an excavation, or an auger may be used for post excavation installations.


Test Head Terminations for Measuring:

  • Metal loss of the CORROSOMETER® Element
  • Structure to Soil and Probe to Soil Potentials
  • “Instant off” Measurements of the Probe
  • Current Density Requirements of the Probe
  • Depolarization Rates of the Probe
  • Ring Coupon Measurements


Foot with:

  • CORROSOMETER® Probe with 50 Mil Thickness (25 Mil Useful Life) and 3.85 sq. inch Exposed Surface Area
  • Pipe Grade Carbon Steel Ring with 3.85 sq. inch Exposed Surface Area

Smart Test Station

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