• Small Low Pressure Plugs


Small diameter plugs for low pressure applications.

Muni-Ball Plugs work in all types of pipe- sealing the roughest surfaces.Made of natural rubber, these plugs are durable and corrosion resistant. Muni-Ball plugs have a threaded aluminium by-pass. The by-pass allows air to pass through the plug during an air test, and can also be used to bypass liquids.

Muni-Ball plugs are one of the most versatile pipe plugs on the market today. They allow sewer flow to pass through the plug via a pump hose, easily convert to an air test plug, or be used to block sewer flow. Muni-Ball plugs 150mm and larger come equipped with an eyebolt for tethering, raising and lowering while using a polylift line. These Muni-Ball plugs also come equipped with a removable tyre inflation valve, allowing them to be repaired or replaced with quick disconnect fittings.

The design of Multi Size Muni-Ball Plugs allows one plug to fit a range of pipe diameters.

Small Low Pressure Plugs

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