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Retrowrap HD is a heavy duty wrap system designed for offshore pile protection.

Retrowrap is a cold applied, splash zone and subsea corrosion protection system. It is specifically designed to provide an alternative to factory applied coating for new construction in remote areas, or the retrofit protection of risers, piles and pipelines; inshore, offshore or subsea. Retrowrap units may be removed and refitted to facilitate substrate inspection at regular intervals throughout the service life of the system. All Retrowraps demonstrate the same characteristics. The various models depend on the particular application for which they are used.

Retrowrap HD is used for heavier duty and offshore pile protection.

The development of fabric and gel technology over the past 10 years has enabled wraps to be produced to cover pipe diameters from 3.8 to 305cm. Corrosion inhibitors and biocidal formulations contained within a range of gels provide active protection of steel, concrete and timber substrates in the range of -40 to 130 degrees c.

Residual elasticity within the wrap fabric safely maintains the wrap in position and prevents leaching of the gel/inhibitor into the environment and enables easy removal and replacement of the wrap to facilitate substrate inspection. The elastic memory characteristics of the tough resilient outer coated fabric permanently retain the hoop tension forces which act upon a thixotropic gel containing a selection of corrosion inhibitors or biocidal preparations. This causes the gel to be exuded into the pile surface and into any irregularities.

The wrap design is based on a combination of materials with excellent performance records in some of the toughest environments. The components are in-line bonded to form the monocoque fabric, resistant to immersion in both seawater and freshwater and to biological and chemical attack. The system also withstood the degradative influences of environmental UV, ozone and temperature variations.

The multi layer construction method provided fabric of dedicated thickness selected to suit the operational environment. Conditions can vary from inland waterways, harbours and offshore deep water structures as well as northern regions, necessitating ice abrasion resistance. Simultaneous in-line bonding of the scrim to the inner face of a polyester absorbent felt enhanced the physical properties of the fabric and provided an absorbent carrier for the blend of corrosion inhibitors or biocides suspended in a thixotropic hydrophobic gel. The finished fabric provided essential elastomeric memory and stretch retention characteristics together with the facility to be in-line welded into the finished design.

Wrap systems should be as quick and cost effective to install as possible. The light wraparound modules are installed using relatively little manpower or trained supervision with the minimum of equipment and skill. Breakdowns and complications on-site are kept to a minimum. Temporary work, such as scaffolding around the riser or jacket leg is not required in many instances.

Induced tension wrap systems provide an effective retrofit method of corrosion or environmental protection of risers, piles, and certain specific sections of subsea pipe work. The principle of operation is such that the system could be used to become a retrofit carrier of the external antifouling system factory applied to the outer layer in quantities calculated to prevent marine growth build up for defined periods. Within this technology package, the facility exists to provide specific shaped units for a variety of subsea or splash zone applications. In addition to concrete piles, the system accommodates square, multisided (H sections), together with wooden piles. In the case of wooden piles, a timber biocide preservative can be substituted for the corrosion inhibitor.

Since the systems function by active chemical inhibition provided by the corrosion inhibitor contained within the thixotropic gel, surface preparation was reduced to its simplest form. The mechanical removal of marine growth and delaminated iron oxide is all that is necessary. Shot blasting and the recovery of spent grit is not an expenditure, resulting in lower installation costs.

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Retrowrap HD

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