• OVP2 Over-Voltage Protector


The Over-Voltage Protector design has been established since 1999 as the premier explosion-proof (Division 1) protection device for insulated joints and related applications. DEI now offers a variation of the OVP design in a moulded housing, designated the OVP2, for Division 2 or ordinary locations. The OVP2 offers the same conservative design and features of the OVP, but in a lighter weight and lower cost package.

The OVP2 is UL and C-UL listed for use in Division 2 or ordinary locations, as well as CE marked as meeting the ATEX requirements for Zone 2.

Unlike arrester type products, the OVP2 is a solid-state switching device with full ratings for AC fault current and high levels of lightning surge current. As the device goes into conduction at low voltage, it provides much better protection than gapped devices or metal-oxide varistors.

Note: the OVP2 is not recommended where steady-state AC voltage exists between the connection points, typically induced AC voltage.

Features and Characteristics:

  • The only fail-safe arrester on the market (i.e. fails shorted).
  • Solid-state design eliminates arcing.
  • Conduction at much lower voltages than gapped arresters.
  • Rated for AC fault current and lightning surge current.
  • Suitable for submersed or above-ground locations.
  • UL, C-UL listed Div. 2 design, CE marked for ATEX compliance.
  • Corrosion-free, lightweight moulded housing.

OVP2 Over-Voltage Protector

  • Product Code: 5930018116