• OVP Over-Voltage Protector


Requests for a compact, explosion-proof protection device led to the design of the Over Voltage Protector (OVP). With the input of potential users and our existing base of clients, the OVP was designed and tested to meet the requirements for Class I, Division 1 and 2, Group B, C, D classified locations. Independent testing and product listing was performed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), authorizing the use of the UL and C-UL (Canada) marks. The device has also been tested and approved by UL/Demko for compliance to the ATEX directive for Zone 2 applications, and carries the CE mark for Zone 2.

The model OVP is primarily used in Class I, Division 1 hazardous locations, requiring explosion-proof construction. For Division 2 or ordinary locations, see also the model OVP2.

The OVP is unlike other arrester type products. Instead of a gapped design, the OVP uses solid-state switching components to conduct at very low voltages, providing the best over-voltage protection. Rated for AC fault current as well as high values of lightning surge current, the OVP can be applied to sites where a spark-gap arrester or metal oxide varistor would be inappropriate. The OVP is a totally unique product for the corrosion prevention industry.

Note: the OVP is not recommended where steady-state AC voltage exists between the connection points, typically induced AC voltage.

Features and Characteristics:

  • The only fail-safe arrester on the market (i.e. fails shorted).
  • Solid-state design eliminates arcing.
  • Conduction at much lower voltages than gapped arresters.
  • Rated for AC fault current and lightning surge current.
  • Suitable for submersed or above-ground locations.
  • UL, C-UL listed explosion-proof design.
  • Corrosion resistant nickel finish.

OVP Over-Voltage Protector

  • Product Code: 2671254390