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An MIJ will serve as a positive leak proof, long lasting block against the flow of electric current in all piping systems. When you bury the MIJ you bury maintenance costs forever, an especially important feature for system operators and engineers

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Eliminates short circuits

Bolts, sleeves and washers - the major source of short circuits in most isolation assemblies - are eliminated with an MIJ fitting.

Eliminates field assembly

An MIJ fitting is completely factory assembled and tested. There are no flanges, gaskets, nuts, bolts, sleeves or washers to handle and consequently no fluid leaks due to improper field assembly.

Is less expensive

Purchase an MIJ for less than the cost of the component parts of insulated flange assemblies in most pipe sizes. Install the fitting for less than the labour costs of installing an insulated flange assembly.

Is coated both internally and externally

A two part epoxy is sprayed to a thickness of .010-.012in (.25 to .30mm) to within 2in (50.8mm) of each weld end, 100 percent Hydrostatically tested. All MIJ fittings undergo hydrostatic and cyclic pressure tests at 1.5 times rated operating pressure in accordance with the latest ANSI standards. Testing is conducted between plates or end caps to ensure the most arduous conditions.

Is 100 percent electrically tested

All MIJ fittings undergo an electrical resistance and voltage test prior to shipping.

Is completely weld inspected

All MIJ fittings undergo a weld inspection with combinations of ultrasonic (UT), magnetic particle (MT) and dye penetrant (LT) on all welds. In addition, X-ray tests can be conducted upon request.

Is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 2000 quality assurance

Control over all stages of production is ensured by close adherence to an in-place and ongoing ISO 9001 2000 quality assurance program which is constantly monitored and subject to periodic audit.

Monolithic isolation fitting specification

Monolithic isolation fittings shall be boltless and completely factory assembled in accordance with the appropriate requirements of ASTM, API, DIN and BS codes. All welds shall be butt weld construction. The dielectric isolation material shall be a thermosetting fibreglass epoxy material. Sealing shall be by two static, self-energized O ring seals housed in accurately machined grooves, fully protected from cavitations in full compliance with ASME design codes. Interior and exterior coating shall be a two part epoxy with a thickness of 12 to 15 mils to within 2 in of each end. Testing shall be Electrical (5kv, 25 Mohm), Hydraulic (1.5 x O.P.) and Weld (Ultrasonic/Magnetic Particle/Dye Penetrant).

Quality assurance

Each monolithic isolation fitting shall be manufactured at a facility that has a Registered ISO 9001 2000 Quality Management System. Copy of current ISO 9001 2000 Registration shall be provided with material submittal.
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Monolithic Isolation Joints

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