• M1 Wet Sponge Low Voltage


The Model M1 Low Voltage holiday detector has a regulated output voltage of 67.5v DC.

Also known as a wet sponge type holiday detector, this unit is used on thin film coatings, less than 20 mils in thickness to locate bare spots in the coating. The Model M1 and M1/AC are non-dstructuve coatings inspection instruments.

The Model M1/AC has the same specifications as the Model M1, with the exception of the power supply. The Model M1/AC is powered by 110v or 240v AC power.


  • Regulated 76.5v output.
  • Spongs type detector electrode.
  • Push button calibration check.
  • 2 resistance calibration checks - 80 ohms or 90 ohms.
  • Non-destructive.


Tough, rugged, belt worn case.

Please see the product datasheet for more information.
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M1 Wet Sponge Low Voltage

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