• Linear Polarization Resistance Monitoring


The electrochemical technique, commonly referred to as Linear Polarization Resistance, is the only corrosion monitoring method that allows corrosion rates to be measured directly, in real time. Although limited to electrolytically conducting liquids, the response time and data quality of this technique make it clearly superior, where applicable, to all other forms of corrosion monitoring.

Linear polarization resistance is particularly useful as a method to rapidly identify corrosion upsets and initiate remedial action, thereby prolonging plant life and minimizing unscheduled downtime. The technique is utilized to maximum effect when installed as a continuous monitoring system.

This technique has been used successfully for over thirty years, in almost all types of water-based, corrosive environments. Some of the more common applications are:

  • Cooling water systems.
  • Secondary recovery system.
  • Potable water treatment and distribution systems.
  • Amine sweetening.
  • Waste water treatment systems.
  • Pickling and mineral extraction processes.
  • Pulp and paper manufacturing.
  • Hydrocarbon production with free water.
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Linear Polarization Resistance Monitoring

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