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Injection and Sampling systems are fundamental to corrosion control and process control programs. They are applicable to a large variety of processes in the petroleum, chemical, and water treatment industries. Injection systems are used to inject a wide range of chemicals into processes. Such chemicals include biocides, demulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, oxygen scavengers, glycol and monoethylene glycol, dewaxers, methanol, odorizers, and product additives.

Injection systems may be as simple as using an open-ended tube that allows for even distribution of the injected chemical or as complex as using a head with a cap and core to obtain precise atomization of the chemical.

Sampling systems are used to take samples of the process fluid or medium. Such samples are then analyzed in the laboratory for inhibitor concentration levels, the presence of metal ions, oxygen levels, scale forming compounds, and a wide range of process parameters.

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Injection & Sampling Systems

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