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GasketSeal sealing gaskets are considered one of the most effective methods for sealing and isolating flanges of all types. The gasket consists of two molded semi O rings (with precise crown to void ratio) mounted in grooves on opposite sides of an isolating retainer. While maintaining all the advantages of a full O ring seal, the semi O ring seal eliminates the need for a sealing groove in the flange face to reduce problems associated with alignment.

GasketSeal gaskets are self energizing with theoretical near zero m and y factors resulting in effecting a positive seal without excessive bolt loads required with flat gaskets. GasketSeal® sealing gaskets are available in a wide variety of retainer and sealing element combinations for matching gaskets to service and environmental conditions.Refer to the chart for the GasketSeal® sealing gasket temperature ranges and material compatibilities.

For more information, please download our flange isolation catalogue.
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GasketSeal Insulating Gaskets

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