• DL-1  4 Channel Datalogger


The DL-1 is a portable, battery operated, four-channel data logger capable of measuring DC and AC volts and amps. The small diameter (1.5 inches) of the DL-1 allows it to be concealed in the riser of most test stations and the environmentally sealed case is ideally suited for buried or wet applications.

The DL-1 is capable of sample rates from 99 minutes to speeds as fast as 500 times a second, making the DL-1 able to record light rail and telluric events. Slower sample speeds can help pinpoint the time it takes for pipelines to reach their native potential, even if it takes weeks.

The TRAC (True Recording and Capture) software runs on Windows platform PC or Palm OS PDA platform for fast programming and downloading of data from the DL-1, both in the office or in the field. The TRAC software displays over 540,000 samples with date and time stamp in both spreadsheet and graph modes with many easy to use features and export functions. Spreadsheet and graph data cannot be manipulated nor figures be changed using TRAC. TRAC software is included with each DL-1 and upgradable via Tinker & Rasors website.


  • Analog - Four independent channels simultaneously recording AC or DC voltages.
  • Range selectable - 300V AC RMS or 5V DC to 100V DC (bipolar).
  • Range selectable - 1A, 10A, and 100 Amps.
  • Input resolution - .01% of selected range.

Chanel Configurations:

  • Channel 1 and 2 - Bipolar DC analog input with automatic AC rejection for data collection and recording traditionally preformed with a digital voltmeter. 5V DC range. Software is configurable for DC readings with the appropriate shunt.
  • Channel 3 - 300V AC RMS range. Software selectable voltage input.
  • Channel 4 - Bipolar DC analog input with TrueView.
  • Software configurable for AC current readings with optional amp probe.

Data Storage:

  • Data Storage - 540,000 samples.
  • Recording Duration - 0.002 seconds to years.
  • Sampling Frequency - Fast as 512 Hz, Slow as one sample every 99 minutes (all channels)
  • Data Memory Battery Life - 10 years.


  • RS-232 Interface. PC or PDA.
  • Baud Rate - 9600 BPS. to 115.2k BPS.


  • Power Supply - 9V battery.
  • Temperature Operating - -100 to 600 C.
  • Temperature Storage - -200 to 700 C.
  • Status - LED indication of Data Logger On/Off, data collection start, logging stopped / complete, low battery and memory full.


  • 38.1 mm x 38.1 mm x 260.35 mm – 283g
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DL-1 4 Channel Datalogger

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