• Multi-Purpose Primer


Primer to suit field joint coating applications. Surface imperfection filler for the preparation of metal surfaces prior to contouring with mastic or wrapping with tapes. An integral component of most tape systems. Aids in corrosion protection, sealing and water proofing of metal surfaces above and below ground.


A blend of neutral petroleum based compounds, inert siliceous fillers and inhibitors.


Stable in composition and plasticity over a wide temperature range. Non-hardening and non-cracking. Accommodates vibration and extreme movement of substrate. Highly resistant to mineral acids, alkalis and salts. Displaces surface moisture and pacifies surface oxides.


Fills surface imperfections and ensures intimate contact between mastic or tapes and the substrate being protected. May also be used as a rust preventative on exposed metal, screw threads, valve spindles, turnbuckles, wire rope etc. Protection of pipelines, joints, fittings, cables, tensioning members.

Multi-Purpose Primer

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