DEI Marine


When you connect to shore power at any port, you may be placing your boat and your safety—at risk due to galvanic corrosion and inadequate AC grounding.

DEI’s industry-leading fail-safe galvanic isolators, assure the safety of continuous grounding and can also prevent galvanic corrosion.
DEI Marine’s galvanic isolators are independently tested to exceed the requirements of ABYC A-28. They offer high-fault current and lightning current ratings for safety, and their solid-state design requires no maintenance or monitoring system.

Advantages of the DEI Marine Fail-Safe Isolator

  • Assured AC grounding whether the unit is functional or failed
  • Lightning Protection
  • Complies with National Electric
  • Code grounding requirements
  • No monitoring required - Nuisance alarm calls eliminated
  • Phenomenally reliable
  • Easier/less costly to install than monitored models

Why the Fail-Safe isolator is the right choice

  • Higher AC fault ratings
  • Sealed devices, others are not sealed and may use a fan for cooling
  • The only unit rated for lightning
  • 0% Failure rate to date
  • Broader product line than any other competitor
  • The only 200A GI on the market - Above standards
  • Dairyland’s reliable Tech Support and Customer Service

Designed to still allow AC to pass safely to ground even if the product failed. AC grounding is required to limit potentials between boat/dock and boat/water. AC grounding is also required for safety to prevent shock or electrocution in the event of an electrical fault on the boat. Corrosion prevention is also very important, dissimilar metals bonded together in an electrolyte create a galvanic corrosion cell and must be isolated to slow heavy corrosion.


  1. DEI Marine - FAIL-SAFE PLUS 30A Model
  2. DEI Marine - FAIL-SAFE PLUS 50/60A Model
  3. DEI Marine - FAIL-SAFE max 100A Model
  4. DEI Marine - FAIL-SAFE ax 200A Model

Features & Characteristics

  • Fail-safe construction featuring Fail-Safe Plus™ and Fail-Safe Max™ technology
  • Highest AC fault current ratings available
  • Ignition protected
  • Maintenance-free solid-state design
  • Rated for high levels of lightning current
  • Isolation to 1V galvanic potential difference
  • Very low DC leakage current allowed
  • Certified to fail-safe requirements of ABYC A-28

All Dairyland Galvanic Isolators (GI) are fail-safe, solid-state DC isolation/ AC coupling devices with ratings and characteristics that significantly exceed those of all known galvanic isolators designed for marine applications. The proven fail-safe construction assures that the galvanic isolator never compromises the integrity of the grounding conductor, even in the unlikely case of the product failing.