• DCVGSCAN3 Equipment Suite


Improved Multi Functional Test Meter:

It combines all of the basic fast response DC Voltage measurements required for the DCVG test method. However it also provides a higher range of voltages to allow the Field technologists and engineers to measure DC voltages up to 50 volts DC. This then expands the utilisation of the basic DCVG instrumentation to have it available as a CP test instrument in addition to its traditional use just as a dedicated instrument for DCVG testing.

One Piece Test Probes with handles:

From their field experience of heavy duty service required of this type of equipment, we have recognised the need to improve the DCVG probes. The DC Scan probes are now a one piece unit. The traditional bias box is now a screw on attachment on the top of the probe hand grips. This allows the individual probes to be a one piece item that adds electrolyte level to improve wet ability of the probe tips with the ground.

Interrupter Options:

The A team recognised that when people invested in DCVG equipment, it should be more versatile than simply delivering a fixed 1 Second cycle for DCVG testing. We also recognised that many of the pipelines under test were relatively free of coating defects. So they have made the package versatile in relation to the interrupter used for the test package.

If you already have interrupters that are capable of switching at 0.2 / 0.8 cycles, you might decide you do not need an interrupter. Alternatively a suite of interrupters from 5 Amps to 100 Amps can be chosen as your interrupter for the kit you acquire. It also can be a basic unit or satellite synchronising.

Data Logging:

Option as part of the commitment to allowing electronic recording of measurements, the DC Scan meter also comes standard with a data output port for use with Tinker & Rasor DL1 five channel data loggers.

Rugged Pelican Case:

The A team service and technology department receives instruments from CP field use where we often wonder if they were carried in the vehicle or tied to the tow bar. In an attempt to provide better serviceability, the equipment comes in a rugged Pelican case to provide a relatively safer, cleaner and weather resistant means of storage and transport.

GPS Locating / Records:

In almost all forms of testing these days, the use of GPS instruments is also part of the technology. The DC Scan comes with an optional add on GPS instrument that can be integrated into the overall instrument package.

DCVGSCAN3 Equipment Suite

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