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Cell-Cast Hole Forming Disks are designed to produce large diameter holes in poured concrete structures. Moulded from HDPE plastic, Cell-Cast disks are lightweight and may be installed by one construction worker. They are available in a wide variety of diameters. Disks are either 3in or 4in thick allowing one to form a hole in 3in walls or thicker (except 5in).


  • Reduces material costs by 30 to 50 percent.
  • Cuts labor costs by 50 - 70 percent.
  • Minimizes freight and handling charges.
  • Consistently produces dimensionally accurate openings.
  • Sized to work with Link-Seal Modular Seals.
  • Avoids potential leak path between sleeve and concrete.
  • Lightweight - 1/8 the weight of steel pipe sleeves.
  • Complete assembly accomplished in minutes.
  • Easily installed by one construction worker.
  • Cell-Cast Disks are produced in 3in and 4in thicknesses and can be assembled to fit virtually any wall.
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Casting Discs

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