How GreenAmp Monitoring Systems can work for you

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How GreenAmp Monitoring Systems can work for you

GreenAmp CPMS systems were developed to provide an economical means of monitoring the level of cathodic protection that is maintained on pleasure and work boats that in many instances spend most of their life at a mooring. They are often left unattended for months at a time during which periods, if a corrosion problem arises, the damage can be as significant as to cause the vessels to take on water and often sink at their moorings.

GreenAmp CPMS system simply monitors the level of cathodic protection on your vessel and logs the data once a week or more as the owner requires. That data is transmitted via 3G to the Anode engineering team cloud and then onto the owner by way of email, text message or other convenient methods.

What can go wrong with a boat protected by sacrificial anodes?

There are a number of issues that can arise with any vessel either at a mooring in a marina or out in the stream.

  1. The sacrificial anodes can become consumed and thus leaving the boat without adequate corrosion protection (cathodic protection – CP). This can cause corrosion of metallic hulls or skin fittings and result in damage to those metallic surfaces immersed in the water.

  2. If there is battery power on board, due to salt water condensation, a high resistance connection within the DC power reticulation on board can result in what is referred to as Stray Currents. These stray currents can cause extremely accelerated corrosion of immersed metallic hulls and or skin fittings.

  3. If a hull is steel or aluminium and is very well coated, the DC stray current can discharge from the uncoated propeller or skin fitting and result in accelerated corrosion damage to the propeller.

  4. If the vessel is moored in a marina and connected to the AC shore Power earthing system, your vessel can become interconnected to the adjacent vessels through the MEN power earthing system. So if the adjacent boat/s have any sort of corrosion issues or have no or little CP, or have any form of electrical issues, the problem can be transferred to your boat.

There are many other issues regarding CP and sacrificial anodes fitted to boats generally. However the basic intent of the GreenAmp CPMS monitoring system is that monitoring CP levels on your boat will generally confirm that your vessel is protected and nothing has occurred to cause premature corrosion damage to your hull, propeller/s or skin fittings. Because the system records the protection data and sends it to you via the Anode Engineering cloud, you get to know weekly on the status of your vessels CP and electrical condition relative to underwater corrosion protection activity.



Anode Engineering has recognised that the use of sacrificial anodes on buried steel structures such as pipelines is causing a huge cost to our community. The cost to Green House Gas emissions (CO2 Footprint) as well as the cost to the community providers in excessive replacement costs over the life of the assets they are protecting.


Remote MonitoringThe GreenAmp Monitor system is designed to allow either sacrificial anode systems or impressed current systems to be monitored and logged electronically.The advantage is that it does not need 4-20mA signal conditioners and can be fitted with no other sophisticated power or PLC communication systems.

Last update: Dec 20, 2018