Anode Engineering and Linetech undertake an Electro Magnetic Interference Study

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The Anode Engineering and Linetech teams often work together to undertake work where both teams' skills intersect. One of the many occasions recently was for an Australian pipeline owner. Dr Tony Auditore from Linetech and Ross Darrigan from Anode Engineering were contracted to undertake an Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) study.

Where multiple assets occupy the same right of way (ROW), they have the potential to interfere with one another, particularly when one of the assets is a high tension power line and the other is a buried steel object running alongside.A possible consequence of these two assets being in close proximity is where the electromagnetic field (EMF) interfering with the pipeline creates an alternating current (AC) interference. Otherwise known as EMI, this can result in an induced AC hazard and / or induced AC corrosion.

Even well coated pipelines are not immune to this effect. It is important to understand soil resistivities surrounding the pipe as the combination of low resistivity and AC induced current can cause AC corrosion. The design of the earthing systems to mitigate the dual threats of personal safety and corrosion is important. The teams of Anode Engineering with their corrosion expertise and the expertise of Linetech with their electrical expertise work together to ensure assets perform their function without putting any persons or assets at risk.

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Last update: Dec 08, 2016