Bare skin foam pigs designed for light cleaning and dewatering.

Foam Pigs:

Our foam pigs and spheres are fabricated from the highest quality open cell polyurethane foam. The flexible nature of these pigs allows the negotiation of both short radius bends and unexpected reductions in pipe bore.


The basic foam pig design can be adopted to include a variety of tough urethane coatings. The additions of aggressive wire brushes into the urethane coating provide a durable and efficient cleaner for hard pipe scale applications.

They are widely used in a complete range of applications such as:

  • Oil & Gas.
  • Gathering Systems.
  • Petrochemical.
  • Municipal Water and Waste Management.
  • Gas Distribution.

Additionally, foam pigs can be equipped with any of the following options:

  • Handling rope: Polypropylene rope for one or both ends of the pig for ease of handling.
  • Transmitter Cavity: Standard and customized cavity for encasing transmitters for pig tracking.
  • Double Dish: Ideal for bidirectional operations and evacuation of liquids.
  • Double Nose: Bi-directional operations, multidiameter pipeline.
  • Foam Balls: Bi-directional, short radius bends for drying, wiping and scraping.

All foam pigs are available in Light (2lb/ft3 - 32kg/m3), Medium (5-7lb/ft3 - 80-112kg/m3) and Heavy (8-10lb/ft3 - 128-160kg/m3) density. We also have Super-Light density for light drying and Porcupine (full wire brush) for maximum scraping.

For more information, please see our datasheet.


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Bare Skin

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