• Anodewrap


A pile protection wrap system designed for protecting rebar in concrete piles.

Anode Wrap is a long life, self-powered, self-regulating galvanic corrosion protection device for rebar within structural concrete piles. By combining two well established processes - a flexible outer jacket and a continuous zinc or zinc alloy inner layer - we have produced Anode Wrap, a unique, highly efficient anode system, which overcomes the major problems of increased topside weight and installation time associated with retrofit applications. Hoop tension maintains the zinc/AL layer close to the irregular pile surfaces. This, coupled with a negative connection directly to the rebar, insures even current distribution over the entire wrap covered surface, including the upper splash zone. Residual hoop tension along with the built in wicking element elevates seawater (electrolyte) to initiate and maintain an effective circuit for galvanic action and provide long term protection.


  • Lightweight, fast and easy to install.
  • Flexible, highly comfortable to pile surfaces.
  • Secured by full length closure flange.
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