Company Information

Anode Engineering Pty Ltd is a specialist supplier to the energy and resources sectors in Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia. We provide world class products to engineers and contractors within the oil, gas, water, petrochemical, mining and marine industries. Anode Engineering prides itself on providing complete supply management solutions for its clients. Our long standing association with these industries has allowed us to become a market leader in providing cutting edge products and services technology for major projects.

Our product range is as specialised as it is varied, from Anodes to Thermoelectric Generators and everything in between. While a lot of our product ranges revolve around corrosion prevention, mitigation, monitoring and control, we also supply products associated with other areas such as filtration, pipeline cleaning and maintenance and major pipeline equipment.

Our engineering department has the expertise to design, construct, procure, operate and commission entire cathodic protection systems for any structure. Our team leads the industry in complete corrosion management solutions. For more information on the specifics of what services we can offer, please see the Engineering Services page.