• 100Amp Quasar


100Amp GPS synchronized current interrupter.


  • Interrupt 100 Amp at 120 Volt (12,000 watt Max.).
  • GPS Timing.
  • Cycle between 000.005s and 999.999s.
  • Internal 12v battery.
  • 110v - 240v Auto sensing AC power supply.
  • Removable magnetic mount GPS Antenna.
  • Manual Sync feature10 Program memory.
  • Transfer program information to multiple units.
  • GPS unit can sync non-GPS units Internal cable storage.
  • Secure with lid open or closed.
  • All connections made from outside of case.
  • Keypad operation with large LCD screen.
  • Banana jacks for interrupting low current (less than 5 A).


  • Rugged carrying case design for rough field use.
  • Sealed against dust and water (not immersion).
  • Solid state circuitry, no mercury relays.
  • Rubber grip carrying handle.
  • Reinforced locking rings, lock with lid open or closed Internal storage of cables.
  • Desert Tan color blends in to surroundings.


  • CIPSDCVGCP MonitoringPipe - to- Soil Potentials.
  • Interrupt Ground beds.


  • Display 0 C to 50 C (32 F to 122 F)


  • Overall (Max.) Width 16.125in (409.575mm)
  • Overall (Max.) Depth 9.250in (234.95mm)
  • Overall (Max.) Height 13.250in (336.55mm)

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100Amp Quasar

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